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Pool filter cleaning lake havasu city AZ

We are committed to keeping your pool sparkling clean!

Regular cleaning of your swimming pool filter can mean extending the life of the pool filter as well as saving money on your utility bills. 

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Your Trusted Lake Havasu City Pool Filter Cleaning Experts

Lake Havasu City AZ hot and windy. The heat and wind can wreak havoc on your swimming pool water and pool equipment. Regular cleaning of your swimming pool filters can extend the life of your pool equipment. It can also lower your utility bills because clean filters allow your equipment to run more efficiently. We recommend a cartridge filter cleaned every three - six months. If you are looking for a reliable and professional pool cleaning service company in the area, give us a chance to win your business!

Signs your pool filter needs cleaned:

  • Your pool filter pressure gauge increases.

  • Your water is murky and is difficult to clean up.

  • Poor water flow. Debris could be clogging the filter not allowing for proper water flow into your pool.  

Signs your pool filter may need to be replaced:

  • When the filter pressure starts rising in between cleanings more frequently.

  • When your water stays murky after you clean and have proper chemical balance.

  • If you have rips or tears in the filter, its time to replace it.  

How often should I replace my cartridges?

If you're cleaning your pool filter regularly it should last about 2000 hours. Usually the cartridges need to be replaced about every two years. This time varies depending on many factors including; if you have pets in the pool, go in with sunscreen or the type of debris.


To know exactly when to replace your filter ask your pool maintenance professional or refer to the tips highlighted here.

pool filter cleaning service

How often should I clean my pool filter?

There are three different types of filters and each type has a different cleaning schedule. Sand filter, DE filter and the most common a cartridge filter. Each filter requires different maintenance. The DE filter needs to be back-washed and cleaned every six months. The sand filter should be back-washed frequently and sand changed every 2-5 years depending on use. The cartridge filters are the most common and need to be cleaned every 3-6 months.

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