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SALt water pool specialist Lake Havasu City

There are many benefits of salt water pools, like softer water no chlorine and less maintenance. The challenge is when you combine the elements of our climate and hard water conditions it becomes difficult to maintain. We get that and can help! 

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We Are Lake Havasu City's Trusted Salt Water Swimming Pool Specialists

Arizona's climate is unique. Its hot and windy in the summers and fall, then cooler in the winter and spring. The heat and wind can wreak havoc on your swimming pool water. Combine these variables with our extremely hard water and it becomes very difficult to balance the chemicals in salt water pools. Understanding the water chemistry needed for a salt system to work in our climate is something we work very hard at. Salt systems need to be routinely checked and cleaned in order to continue to work properly. So we work closely with clients so that they understand what needs to be done in order to keep salt systems working correctly.

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