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swimming pool acid wash

Over time your pool water becomes unbalanced. Here in Lake Havasu City, AZ, water becomes hard and  chemicals, dirt and mold can build up on your surfaces making your pool look dingy or feel gritty or slick. An acid wash will take that build-up off bringing back your pools original clean look.

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Your trusted Lake Havasu City pool service company to acid wash your pool

Lake Havasu AZ climate is unique. Its hot and windy in the summers and fall, then cooler in the winter and spring. The heat and wind can wreak havoc on your swimming pool water. We recommend that you drain and refill your pool every two - three years to re balance the water. If during that time your pool has bad dirt and algae build up, this would be a good time to acid wash it. This will help remove all of the build up bringing back the original clean look. While you can perform this process yourself, we would recommend a professional service to avoid damaging the plaster surface of your swimming pool.

Hire a professional or DIY

Its natural to want to save costs and DIY but this process may not be something you want to tackle yourself. Acid washing your swimming pool calls for harsh chemicals. The chlorine and acid used can cause injury or make you sick if not applied correctly. The chemicals used can also leave streaks or remove portions of the plaster if not applied evenly.  Professional pool service companies also buy their chemicals in bulk and have invested in equipment to help make the process easier and cost effective. So after calculating the savings to DIY you may not save that much and be better off hiring a professional.

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