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Pool PUmp Service, upgrade and repair

The pool pump is the heart of the entire pool. With harsh conditions here in Lake Havasu City, AZ, a proper functioning, efficient pump can mean lower electricity bills, cleaner pool water and less worries. We have 15 years of experience upgrading and servicing pool pumps. So let us help diagnose and fix problems before they get serious.

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Not sure if you should repair or upgrade your pool pump. We can help.

Your pool pump is one of the most important parts of your pool since it keeps your water fresh and clean. The pool pump pulls dirty water and sends it to the filter, and returns clean water to your pool. If your pool pump shows signs that there may be something wrong with it, it should be dealt with quickly.


Common pool pump issues:

Some common things we see wrong with swimming pool pumps here in Lake Havasu City are: the pump wont start, the pump is noisy, a bunch of air in the pump or the pump is leaking. Sometimes its an easy fix, and we can service the pump on site, or it could be a warranty issue and we work with the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Other times the pool pump needs to be replaced.

Keep in mind older pumps can consume almost half of the homes entire energy output. So if you're seeing excess high energy bills, it may be time to upgrade to one of Pentairs energy efficient models. 


We can diagnose and fix these problems to ensure your equipment and pool is running efficiently again. As part of our weekly pool cleaning service, we check the pump to ensure its functioning properly and get in front of potential issues.

Whats the average cost to replace a pool pump?

The cost of replacing a pool pump will vary based on a few factors, like the brand, if you hire a pro or DIY. Here is a good third party resource that talks about the cost of replacing a pool pump.

What are a few signs I should replace my pool pump?

Just like other home appliances pool pumps do go bad and need to be replaced. Sometimes it makes sense to repair and other times it makes sense to replace the pump. Here are a few signs that you should replace your pool pump rather then rebuilding it.

1) The pump is over 12 years old. Just like a water heater, when the pump starts getting to this age the cost of maintaining it out-weighs the replacement cost.  

2) The housing is cracked. This is the second most expensive part of the pump (the motor being the first). If its cracked there are likely other issues. Have a pool professional look into the housing and determine if there are other issues that need to be addressed. If so, it probably makes sense to replace.

3) Loud sounds coming from the motor. The motor could be rebuilt but depending on a few factors it may make sense to replace the pump entirely. Usually, if the repairs cost more then 60% of a new pump the recommendation is to replace.

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