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pool maintenance tips for lake havasu city

Pool maintenance can be challenge. The water chemistry is difficult to maintain and the equipment can sometimes be confusing. Below is a basic checklist to help keep your pool sparkling year around here in beautiful Lake Havasu.

Pool Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean in Lake Havasu City Arizona

We know the weather is crazy here in Arizona. Its hot and windy in the summers and fall, then cools down. The weather swings can cause your pool to become challenging to maintain. If you're not ready for a pool service company to help maintain your pool here are a few basic tips to help keep your pool spotless.

Get familiar with pool chemistry 

Chemicals evaporate quickly here. Chlorine will dissipate on the hot summer days. You need to make sure your Ph levels are in check. They should be between 7.2 and 7.8, if not the chlorine will not work correctly. You also need to make sure your alkalinity level is balanced. You can find a test kit at one of our local pool supply stores. 

Keep your pool full

This one may sound obvious but if the pool drops too low and the pool equipment turns on, it could ruin the equipment. Some pools have auto fillers but if not, you can always use your garden hose to fill.

Make sure you run your pool equipment long enough

We recommend that most of our customers pool pumps run for at least eight ours a day in the summer. This can change depending on the size of your pool. If your pool equipment is not efficient this can increase your electric bill substantially. If its not, it may be time for a pool pump upgrade.

Get a routine going for your weekly maintenance

One of the most important things is to make sure you set aside time weekly to brush the walls, empty the skimmer and get debris out. Just like most things its best if you form a good routine to keep your pool maintained properly. 

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