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pool inspections - 7 things to look for when buying a home with a pool

So You're Buying An Arizona Pool Home. Here are 7 Things To Consider. 

Whether you're entertaining friends, you have a family that loves the water, or you just want to beat the heat with a nice refreshing swim; a pool is a very nice thing to have here in Arizona. With the real estate market in full swing, we constantly get asked what to look for in pools when purchasing a home. Before you buy your dream home make sure to inspect the pool to reduce maintenance costs down the road.

1. Leaks in the pool equipment 

Leaks are not uncommon and can be fixed but it might be a sign of another underlying issue. If you see a leak and can't pin point the issue, have a professional come out and give you an idea of what the issue is.

2. Exposed or frayed wiring

This one may sound obvious and can be a major safety concern. Look around the pool equipment to make sure no wires are damaged. This should be caught by the inspector but we have seen instances were this isn't caught.

3. Check the pool heating equipment

There are a couple types of heaters we run into; traditional and solar. Ask for the pool heater to be turned on to make sure it works. Pool heaters are costly to repair or replace. If its a solar heater, test to make sure there are no leaks in the hoses.

4. Test the pool lights

Pool lights burn out and can be expensive to replace. We recommend simply turning the lights on to make sure they are working.

5. Pool tile check

Check for loose or missing tiles along the water line. If they are missing or loose it could be because water is getting behind them, the ground shifted or something happened during the install. Most of the time these are minor issues and can be fixed easily but in some instances when the ground has shifted the fix could be major. If the tile is stained don't worry there are pool tile cleaning services that will bring the new tile look back.

6. Inspect the pool finish

Look at the pool finish to see if there are any cracks or rust spots. Rust could be a sign rebar is coming through the bottom and needs to be cut out and repaired or re-plastered. If the pool has stains it could mean its time for an acid wash. If the pool finish is vinyl, definitely look for rips and tears this would be signs that the vinyl needs to be replaced. 

7. Check to make sure it has a cleaning system

Check to make sure the pool has a cleaning system and its working properly. A pool cleaning system will help with pool maintenance. A pool without a system will require a lot of time to maintain. 

A pool in the hot Arizona weather is a must-have but buyers should know what to look for in a pool when purchasing their dream home. There are obviously maintenance costs associated with owning a pool but by educating yourself before the purchase you can minimize some of those large costs down the road. If you're looking for a professional to come out and help pin-point issues prior to purchasing and in the Lake Havasu area please give Bliss Pool Care a call!

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